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a hand holding a wooden block with a sunflower design on the front and side
Sunflower Solid Oak Coaster
Sunflower Solid Oak Coaster - a beautiful handmade wooden coaster hand decorated using the art of pyrography (wood burning). Handcrafted in my workshop in the Somerset countryside these rustic coasters bring a dash of summer to your home, whatever the season.The coasters are made from solid oak and are square-shaped with a gently curved edge.Each one of the sunflowers on the coasters is hand-drawn by me before being hand-burnt into the wood, again by me! Therefore each and everyone one of these
four wooden coasters with etched flowers on them
Wildflower Coaster Set | Set of 4| Wooden Coasters | Olive Wood | Wood Grain | Floral
an art project made out of paper and colored papers with jellyfishs on it
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