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a small wooden toy with a rabbit on it's head and hood over its face
four pictures of different trees with leaves and flowers on them, one is made out of clay
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Nadel Filz Waldorf saisonale Baum Frühling Winter von darialvovsky Mehr
a bird sitting on top of a bed next to a green comforter and pillows
A spring creation for the Waldorf nature table swap group. Our task was to make something for our swap partner that represents the four elements (earth, air, fire and water) in spring. "I have heard a mother bird singing in the rain, telling all her little ones Spring has come again. I have seen a wave of green down a lovely lane, making all the hedges glad, Spring has come again. I have found a patch of ground golden in the sun, crocuses are calling out, Spring has just begun!"
a small figurine with a crown on it's head
Ambrosius King Winter Large - myriad natural toys & crafts
a small blue and white bird perched on top of a wooden board wall next to a piece of wood
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Tree Swallow needle felted bird made to order see by Ainigmati
someone is making something out of yarn on a table with a stick in their hand
Twisted wool roving worms
Plot 55: Twisted wool roving worms Easy cords Spirale di lana molto ineressante
a colorful purse sitting on top of a wooden floor next to scissors and other items
Работы учениц с моих мастер-классов:): Новости магазинов в журнале Ярмарки Мастеров
Работы учениц с моих мастер-классов:) - Ярмарка Мастеров - ручная работа, handmade
a toy figurine sitting on top of a colorful rug with numbers and symbols
Perpetual Felt Calendar
Perpetual Felt Calendar - Tiny Fairy Worlds
a small green christmas tree sitting on top of a wooden table next to other ornaments
Embroidered Felt Holiday Trees
Mini Felt Christmas Tree with Embroidery - Lia Griffith
four little green gnomes sitting on top of each other in small purses with handles
Fairydolls Little Peg Doll in a Felt Bag .Waldorf craft.
Fairydolls Little Peg D...
two little gnomes are standing next to each other
Peg Doll Swap by We Bloom Here — Forest Fairy Crafts
Peg Doll Swap by We Bloom Here — Forest Fairy Crafts
two small felted dolls sitting next to each other on a wooden table outside with trees in the background
Children love to touch and feel things that are soft and tangible. Telling story through felting material will make children more interested in the story. This will help their memory, sensory, emotional regulation, and language skills as they hear new words and the way the educators will tell the story. Their curiosity will also be improved as they will come up with questions.
a small green and red gnome doll sitting on top of a wooden table with trees in the background
"Zorrya" -- peg gnome handmade from wool felt, wooden peg, and cotton floss.
an orange table topped with bowls and vases filled with flowers on top of a cloth covered table
Art zu Leben by Sophia Wagner | Page 2
For the nature table