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Welcome to my Instructable!Please, if you like it vote for me in the contest!Here I'll show you how to make 2 axis, gcode controlled drawing plotter.I've already made a delta 3D printer which is awesome, the only thing that wasn't made by me was the Arduino program. This program was very long and complicated, so I've downloaded it from the Internet. I've started to think if I am able to also make it myself. But why should I start with something so hard, firstly let's make something easier…

Welcome to my Instructable!Thanks for everyone who voted for me in the contests!More about version Plotter.Here I'll show you how to make 2 axis, gcode.

Picture of X-Axis

Update - Have added a step to cover adding a cutting tool.Hi,Thank you for taking the time to check out my instructable for an Arduino based X-Y plotter.

This is Bruce Lord's lovely double wall cordwood home in Peace River, Alberta, Canada. This has an 8" outer wall of cordwood, 12 inches of insulation in the center cavity and a 6" cordwood wall on the inside (total R-50). Finishing the outside first, allows the builder to work on the inside during the winter. The double wall method is the invention of Stackwall builder Cliff Shockey and is detailed in his book Stackwall Double Wall Technique

"Bruce Lord's double wall cordwood home in Peace River, Alberta. Double wall is a cordwood system for cold climates that is basically a sandwich type wall which provides maximum R-value and no air infiltration.