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a rock with two cubes on it and the caption says,'science is here are no straight lines or sharp corners in nature
Get ****ed scientists! - Funny
two pigeons sitting on top of each other in front of a ceiling with ornate designs
Enjoy an XXL Serving of Funny Memes to Bring on the LOL's
two tweets with the same caption on them, one has an image of a
Simply An Assortment Of Semi-Humorous Memes
an image of a man in bed with angel wings on his head, and another demon sitting next to him
Thirty-Six Memes That'll Bring On The Dopamine
an image of the virgin mary magdalene with angels and other people around her, as well as text that reads wow, an arrow sooo original
72 Funny Memes Just For You
an image of a painting that is being viewed on the twitter account, and it appears to be fake
14 Hilariously Cultured Memes And Tweets From 'Medieval Reactions'
three pictures of different types of furniture and one has an image of a cat on it
26 Cat Memes That Adds Magic To Any Day
an image of a group of people in front of a painting
Fifteen Ancient Roman Memes For The History Connoisseurs
the tweet on twitter has been altered to include an image of roman numerals
Are you as LI VI D as me?
a painting with an image of a man being held up by two demon like creatures
Classical art meme dump
an image of a man and woman in medieval dress talking to each other on a bench
50 Classic Art Memes That Prove Nothing Has Changed In 100s Of Years (New Pics)
Hamilton Funny, History Humor, Komik Internet Fenomenleri, Funny Relatable Memes, Best Memes
Fun activities that are 6ft apart - iFunny
an image of a woman holding a basket next to a man in a suit and tie
TrollPics Daily Afternoon Funny Picdump of The Day 26 (28 Pics) - TrollPics
TrollPics Daily Afternoon Funny Picdump of The Day 26 (28 Pics)
two people sitting on a bench in front of a painting with the words, you weren't even listening just now, were you?
My new favorite ADHD memes
ADHD not listening meme joke