An authentic Vietnamese Pho Recipe from award-winning cookbook, Into The Vietnamese Kitchen by Andrea Nguyen. Step by step photos with secret tips! ~

Vietnamese Pho Recipe (Beef Pho)

What the Pho? I've been working hard perfecting the techniques and recipe for Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup, or Pho, just for you. It's taken years of kitchen experiments, eating out and scouring for good recipes…

How to cook rice in the microwave with an Ancient Chinese Secret | ~

How to cook rice in microwave

Garnélarák és Ginger Siu Mai Gombóc

Shrimp and Ginger Siu Mai Dumplings

Garnéla Siu Mai (Gombóc)

Shrimp Siu Mai (Dumplings)

Giada's recipe for Chinese dumplings are filled with tasty ingredients like shrimp, bell pepper, fresh ginger, chives and carrot.

Kínai csípős-savanyú leves, ahogy a gyorséttermekben készítik

Kínai csípős-savanyú leves, ahogy a gyorséttermekben készítik


Peking roast duck is a must-try for visitors to Beijing. With a history of more than 600 years, Peking roast duck is the most famous gourmet cuisine of Beijing and one of the most popular foods in China.

Csípős-savanyú leves TBetty konyhájából

Csípős-savanyú leves TBetty konyhájából

Wakon Ramen

One thing that we can all agree on is how delicious and affordable ramen in Japan is.




I've heard about one of the favorite Chinese dishes from foreign friends.


A spring roll is a traditional Chinese snack, made with a round, thin dough sheet with fillings rolled inside and deep fried in oil.