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Homemade English Muffins ~ Type O

my fair baking: homemade english muffins 1 cup of milk 3 TBSP butter 3 TBSP of honey 1 cup of warm water degrees) oz of yeast 2 TBSP cornmeal 5 cups + extra for sprinkling all purpose flour 1 tsp salt

English Muffins | Máquina de Pão Mais

More bread! Also, two posts in a week! Also also, english muffins are very photogenic. I got the idea to make english muffins from my favorite bread book that I posted about yesterday. The recip…

whole wheat pita bread - pita bread stuffed with tahini, hummus, falafel and raw veggies

Pita Bread Recipe with Step by Step Photos. Whole Wheat Pita Bread Recipe with Stove Top method as well as Oven Method. Best Pita Bread Recipe with Photos.

Homemade pani popo - sweet, soft buns bathed and baked in coconut milk. Memo to self: try with regular milk instead?

Pani Popo ~ Sweet, soft buns bathed and baked in coconut, pani popo are originated to the South Pacific Islands of Samoa. They are best served warm or cold as a dessert or with savory meals.

NY Style Bagels ~ Homemade!

New York-Style Bagels. - Takes you directly to the recipe page without having to search their whole site to find what you originally pinned. I don't like those bait and switch pins!

Homemade Flatbread (Greek Pocketless Pitas)

Homemade Flatbread {Greek Pocketless Pitas with a Simple Tutorial}.I cooked them in my cast iron skillet. One of the best pita/flatbread recipes I've found. The milk gives it a good tang