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Bettina Kertész

Bettina Kertész
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A mãe capturou as imagens colocando a bebê  no colchão com seu pai e adereços adoráveis. A mãe tirou as fotos de cima com algumas pausas quando precisava de um cochilo.

(A mother captured this images by placing the baby on the mattress w/ her father & adorable props. The mother took the photos from the top w/ a few pauses when she needed a nap.

Long Island Photographer Christening Photos

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Christening and baptism photographer in London

London Christening photographer Helen Bartlett provides a creative memory of your day. She also offers professional Baptism photography in London too.

Planning a baptism? Here's some photography inspiration.

Elements to a start in Religion a child cant help what they are born into or what they are Planning a baptism? Here's some photography inspiration.

Photo by Bryan Rosenthal; beautiful baptism

My baptism was in May This was important for me and my family because every person in our family has it done to become part of Jesus family

Black and White Family Photo Shoot

This black and White Family Photo Shoot was done days before the mama-to-be had her second child.