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a drawing of a woman wearing a yellow dress and holding her arms out in the air
I Draw Interactive Illustrations Using Everyday Objects
a blue and white tree with birds on it's branches is mounted to the wall
11x14 Tree of Butterflies in YOUR Choice of Colors for Each Size, Style Butterfly / Parents, Grandparents / Personalized / Made to Order
a wall hanging with black tassels on it next to a chair and pillow
DIY Modern Tassel Wall Hanging - Homey Oh My
best art work anyone should watch this video
a white wall hanging next to a window filled with dried grass and palm leaves on it
45 Inspirational Sea Shell Craft DIY Ideas - Greenorc
45 Inspirational Sea Shell Craft DIY Ideas
a mobile with seashells hanging from it's sides in a room next to a window
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Shell mobile, seashell and pearl mobile, shell and pearl suncatcher, beachy home...