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Combination of blue and deep blue shades of different intensity makes the yellow color look even brighter. This mix will be good for summer breakfast outsi.


Very often we have something in a room or that we would like to put in a room that can help us to choose the colors for that room. In this case this picture set the overall mood & guide to the color scheme.

{ a door hues } image via: #palette #colorpalette #pallet #colour #colourpalette #design #seeds #designseeds #seedscolor

designseeds today's inspiration image for { a door hues } is by . thank you, Zsuzsa, for another incredible image share!

Rustic Hues: Coral, Teal, Warm Turquoise, Dark Brown Grey, Grey and Gray Tan.another possible color scheme for the Living Room. I would substitute the Warm Turquoise with a Wine/Burgundy though