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Bevíz Zoltán
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Bike beer rack

onthebounce: Cargo Bike and Beer: Awesome combination. (Not that I’m advocating drunken cycling, mind you!

Gorgeous & Amazing Bicycle Wheel Design

In Japan it’s popular to twist the bicycle spokes into patterns that are rather pretty. It’s not quite as strong as the regular ways of lacing spokes, but hey… Today I came…

Custom star bikewheel

As a bicycle mechanic I like to experiment with different designs for bicyclewheels, especially since I got in contact with building custom bikes like:Chopper,.

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Pashley Speed 5, you may pre-order now from BicycleSPACE

Pashley Speed 5 Pashley are the longest-established company who still manufacture their own bikes in the UK. Who better to create a replica of the racing bikes they built in the The Speed hand-brazed, lu