One is missing

Post Apocalypse, Budapest, Urban Decay, Abandoned, Left Out, Abandoned Places

Worried faces

Psych, Budapest, Psychology

Old Man with Old Camera
Four Ladies

The language was primarily used in written letters from women to women to keep in secret communication. With many of the writings buried with the women who had them, it’s not authoritatively known when the script began.


Budapest, Cats, Kitty Cats, Gatos, Cats And Kittens, Cat, Kittens

Smoking area

Budapest, Smoking, Smocking, Tobacco Smoking, Smoke, Vaping, Cigar


Boathouse, Budapest, Park, Parks

Place for one night

One Night, Explore, Photos, Pictures, Photographs

Morning shootnig
Of Dogs and Men

Budapest, Dogs, Men, Doggies

Break in a Busy World


Lonely Luggage

Budapest, Lonely, Feeling Alone

At the Stairs
Row by the Wall

Rowing, The Wall, Budapest, Walls, Rowing Scull, Wands, Wall

Red and Grey

Budapest, Gray, Photos, Mindful Gray, Pictures, Grey, Photographs


Budapest, Photos, Pictures, Photographs