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Our Leader, Sexy Brain, INDIGO 💙 "The 86th BEST ALBUM Cover of All Time" , Namu, Intelligent, Nature Lover, Bookworm, Matured and our Rap Line! We love and…
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RM is now the 2nd Kpop Soloist to occupy the TOP 3 of the World Digital Song Sales Chart 🥳💐🎉👏💜
RM's "Nuts" debuts at no.1️⃣ on this week's World Digital Song Sales chart! It's his 5th no.1️⃣ song! 💪🆕💥1⃣🌎🎧🎶💴📈 RM is also occupying no.2️⃣ with "Groin" and no3️⃣ with "Domodachi"! 👏🔥 World Digital Song Sales chart 🔥👑🐐 1. RM's “Nuts” [NEW] 2. RM’s “Groin” [NEW] 3. RM’s “Domodachi” [NEW]
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So Cute! 😗
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Honesty is the policy Don't you say you lovin' me, hey, hey 🤔
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Ooh ooh ooh-ooh I see you come back to me You are my dandelion (Delion)💮
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Wild Flower 🌸
Fondos De Pantalla, Vida
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Cutie 😉
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Potato 🥰
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Namu 🌳
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We Believe You🙌
🐨 My taste or lifestyle may not fit in someone's eyes. But what do you want me to do? I said I'd live like that. I'm living well with that vibe. I'll walk at my own speed and in my own direction! I want to make that promise to all of you. 💜 🐨 yo i know! im 29! yo im still 20s. 😉
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Happy RM Day 🌱🎨
Always with You, til the End 💜
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Happy RM Day 🌱🎨
Believing You, til the End! 💜