Eminem announces plans for brand new album called Recovery

Eminem shows his respect for LL Cool J via a prank call to a radio show.

The best brothel of Vienna, the Maxim Nigh Club

Maxim brothel Vienna: sexy nightclub girls, sex in Vienna etc.

Little Mix

Little Mix

Little Pad Records

Little Pad Records

Southern Shelter

Southern Shelter - Live Athens And

Plane Crash Info

Aviation accidents from 1908 through the present

Newport Beach Film Festival

Page not found - The Newport Beach Film Festival


I am crazy about OKRS (Objectives and Key Results). I have been evangelizing this system of staying on track toward your company goals to every start-up I work with, and the results are always imp…

Aaron Weber | Secretly Ironic

- Ante Up. Don't start bitching about that 'nasty gangsta rap with its offensive misogynistic violent lyrics'. If it's good enough to be on the 02 mobile phone ads, it's good enough - period.