Bianka Petrencsik

Bianka Petrencsik

Bianka Petrencsik
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Loving pointillism at the moment

A lotus flower grows out of murky dark waters into beauty A mandala represents spiritual development Thinking of getting something like this on my side.

make up tips | Tumblr

jessieblush: “ How I do my eyebrows (sometimes) start off with clean eyebrows plucked & trimmed! Use eyebrow pencil(Anastasia’s Beverly hill brow wiz pencil) draw desired shape next fill in softly.

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Find Pictures, Video & Information for Dream Catcher Tattoos on Tattoo Creatives. Dream Catcher Tattoos for men & women, browse all types of Dream Catcher

lace feather tattoo - Google Search

Instead of the feather I want the leaves of the rose to be detailed with lace << this is so beautiful. I want a tattoo, honestly, but obviously I'll have to wait at least 4 years since I'm a bit young.

Cool tattoo.

Simple and beautiful shoulder mandala tattoo. The shoulders are another popular place where mandalas are inked because of the flat space and that you can show off the tattoo with almost any type of clothing on.