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Having a nice toned tush is a dream for everyone, but not all know how to get it. The majority of you are recommended to do squats, but this simply isn’t true, because they are awful, as they get boring after about 10 circuits, or many of the people are even not able to do squats, (e.g. those with bad knees).

The Nike trainer Alex Silver-Fagan confirms that the squat are the key to get nice butt and beautiful legs. The best way is to combine the recommended exercises below with other training programs.

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Prepping for the 21 Day Fix // #21DayFixApproved

I have a lot of busy people in my clean eating challenge groups and this topic comes up a lot, so check this out ‪ ‪ ‪ ‪ 10 Time-Saving Tips for Super Busy People