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a sandwich with tomatoes, lettuce and black olives in the shape of a lady bug
55 Easy Lunchbox Ideas That Kids Will Be Excited About
Ease the back-to-school transition with these 17 adorable lunches that look like art!
a white plate topped with fruit on top of a blue table next to strawberries and kiwis
Fruit and Cheese Kabobs
Fruit and Cheese Kabobs
a sunflower made out of food sitting on top of a white plate next to green beans
Sunflower Sandwich
Sunflower Sandwich · Edible Crafts | #produceforkids
a christmas card with kiwi slices on a toothpick
Healthy Christmas Snacks
Lots of fun and healthy Christmas food ideas for kids!
an apple slice shaped like a snowman sitting on top of a plate with carrots
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Feeding kids can be extremely challenging. Especially feeding them fruits and vegetables. Many kids tend to run away from eating healthy, nutritious food that mainly includes raw fruits and veggies. One way to feed them is to present their food in an attractive manner. I did some searching on internet and have come up with …
a plate with an umbrella made out of fruit
15 pratos com frutas (lindos e fáceis!) para fazer para o seu filho - Mil Dicas de Mãe
Vejam ideias de pratos com frutas que seu filho vai amar! Pratinhos divertidos como esse são grandes estímulos para a criançada comer melhor!
Hard Boiled Egg Chicks
Hard boiled eggs are so much more fun to eat when you have little chicks peeping out at you!
an image of some eggs with faces made out of carrots and other food items
A Day's Worth Of Creative Easter Eats (Breakfast, Lunch, Snack & Treats - Oh My!)
A Day’s Worth Of Creative Easter Eats (Breakfast, Lunch, Snack <span class="amp">&</span> Treats — Oh My!)
fruit arranged in the shape of flowers and kiwis on a blue plate with strawberries
Cute Kid Snacks - Staycation Fun Food Ideas - Mom Endeavors
Flower Snack Plate - great food art snack for spring!!
some cut up vegetables sitting on top of a white plate next to lettuce
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5 Creative and Easy DIY Food Decoration Ideas - interesting ideas how to prepare your food on some other way.
this is an image of some food made to look like a banana and palm tree
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Snacks
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Inspired Snack Ideas for Preschoolers
Fresh Banana Icecream | Healthy Icecream Dessert - Yummy dessert | Refreshing and delicious Icecream