Biborka Emese Szakács

Biborka Emese Szakács

Biborka Emese Szakács
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nobrashfestivity: “ Yasuhiro Onishi, a line in the landscape ”

redlipstickresurrected: Yasuhiro Onishi 大西泰弘 (Japanese, b. Tokyo, Japan) - A Line On The Landscape Paintings: Acrylics on Plywood

Eerie | Creepy | Surreal | Uncanny | Strange | Macabre | 不気味 | Mystérieux | Strano |

A framed, black-and-white wedding photo hangs across from a wall with a hole punched in it. A prescription bottle lies in the sink, pink pills spilling towards the drain. Bags of groceries tip over into a foyer through an open front door.

The Invisible Realm, Felipe Posada (Monty Python: The Galaxy Song

kitsch style collage art for all those ladies who know how to be mistress of the universe multitasking COSMIC JUGGLE - theinvisiblerealm Felipe Posada