Kriszti Szöllősi

Kriszti Szöllősi

Kriszti Szöllősi
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Origami dinosaurs, I really like how simple and elegant they are. Something to consider if I ever get another dinosaur tattoo.

Black and White Origami Birds Printable Love by FancyDigitals

Black and White Origami Birds, Printable Love Birds, Minimalist Art, Black White Geometric Birds Contemporary Wall Decor Triangle Birds, DIY

crane tattoo designs | Origami Tattoos; by A Topsy Turvy Blog on SheSaidBeauty

My tattoo of a series of crane birds was done by Lloyd @ Manly Tattoo in Sydney, Australia. It’s symbolic of growth, development and journey. He’s an amazing artist. Thanks Lloyd!


Journal art 50 things to be happy about list. A great way to look back and say even during that lowest time I never, ever gave up. Depression WILL come to an end. Don't give up five seconds before the miracle happens. Or 50 things to thank God for!