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Everytime I lose a #dog, they take a piece of my heart with them...

I love all my dogs! I thought I would share something wonderful to this site to bring a smile to those of us whose heart break with these horrible stories that are done to the animals we love and want to save and give a voice to.

Can you imagine watching every one of your children killed mere days after you have them?

Sows are put into crates for the piglet's protection and are not in them longer than 6 weeks. Crates prevent the mother from unintentionally sitting on and suffocating her piglets and also allows her to be cool while her piglets are warm.

20 yrs+ Revlon claims to PETA + millions buyers they don't test on animals, while enjoyg PETA's support + promotion of products. In 2012, PETA found Revlon has been selling its products in China, where such tests are required for cosmetics. Revlon refuses to answer our ?s about whether it has been secretly paying for tests on animals that torture and kill them. Your commitment to profit and cruelty -free products. Will Revlon make this commitment?" No plans to stop, anytime soon. #peta…

Many choose to turn a blind eye to animal testing. We challenge you to look at the faces of animal testing and make a change. CHOOSE TO BUY CRUELTY FREE!

Animal Welfare - be a part of it!

Megan Kimberley: Animals have no voice, they can't tell us how they feel. Their frail faces do speak a thousands words though! Why should animals suffer for the selfish fashion industry owed by human beings.

Animals belong in the wild. Not in cages. They are not for our amusement. The circus pisses me off. Petting zoos too. And those fucking fairs were people can go on elephant rides. I hope somewhere in an alternate universe there are animals going on people rides, and there are humans in petting zoos being pat on the head and fed crap from a candy machine.

Circuses rip babies away frm their mothers in th wild & keep them locked up. They're forced a life f pain, punishment & cruel treatment fr entertainment. They are wild animals, meant observed only in their rightful world. We mustnt imprison them in ours