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jó ötlet!

jó ötlet!

Wonder if I could get her to make one of these for me!?? Love this!

Names of God; this would be awesome to DIY and hang in the living room.


when its appear that the things drop , actually this is the time when its set up.

Bible study should never feel like a chore or another item on our to-do list. Learn to fall in love and stay in love with the Bible.

Learn to Fall in Love and Stay in Love with the Bible

Depersonalization is a terrifying condition, and it is a very real one. People who are depersonalized feel as though they have lost touch with their sense of self. They feel as if they are a third …


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I love this

I love this: Welcome to our home. We love Jesus. We believe the Bible. We make mistakes. We ask forgiveness. We trust in His grace. We receive His mercy. We share His love. We have faith through the storms and for the future. Want this in my dream house

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