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a brown teddy bear sitting next to sunflowers
a cow with a bow sitting in a wooden box that says just a little moo - dy
a cute little cow sitting in a bucket with pink flowers and hearts on the side
a painting of a baby cow with flowers and hearts around it's neck, standing in front of a white background
two shaggy haired cows are standing next to each other with their heads touching one another
an animal with flowers in its hair and some leaves on it's head is shown
a cute little brown cow with horns and flowers on it's head is surrounded by pink roses
a black and white cow with blue eyes surrounded by pink roses in a floral frame
a small cow with a cowboy hat on it's head
a brown dog wearing a cowboy hat and colorful tutu skirt sitting on the ground
a black dog wearing a cowboy hat with pink and purple stars on it's head
a cute little dog with a cowboy hat on it's head, sitting down