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a person is holding flowers with tape on the end and another hand next to it
DIY /how to make satin ribbon flower chrysanthemum easy
some pink and purple flowers on a white background with the words diy written below it
ПОДАРОК для ПОДРУГИ 🌺 Они как живые! 🌺 Цветы Мальвы из лент. Ribbon Flowers DIY
two white and pink hair clips sitting on top of a wooden table
Kanzashi #27 - Elegant petal
a red and white bow on a green surface
How to Make kanzashi flower petals | 6 petals tutorial |
white daisies and ribbon are on the table
ПОДАРОК для МАМЫ своими руками 🌼 ЛЮБИМЫЕ РОМАШКИ 🌼 из лент. Ribbon Flowers DIY
someone using scissors to cut paper flowers on a purple surface with tape and other crafting supplies
DIY | How To Make Flowers From Satin Ribbons | Tutorial Membuat Bunga Dari Pita Satin
two pieces of pink fabric on a black surface
two rolls of tape sitting next to each other on top of a white table with flowers in the background
Бантики ,,весеннее настроение,,💐💐из атласной ленты 2,5 см. Bows spring mood from satin ribbon 2,5 cm
two white and gold flower brooches on a wooden table next to each other
a purple ribbon and some other items on a table with christmas tree decorations in the background
Не сложно, а результат шикарный 👍👍👍.It's not hard and the result is gorgeous🎀💖
someone is making sunflowers out of yarn with scissors and other crafting supplies
Подсолнухи из лент🌻/Ribbon Flowers/
five rolls of different colored thread next to a christmas tree with the number 5 on it
4 DIY Crafts from Satin Ribbons, kanzashi
4 DIY Crafts from Satin Ribbons, kanzashi - YouTube