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images of buddha cutting his hair - Yahoo Image Search Results

The Jade Turtle Records: Commemoration Day of Shakyamuni Buddha’s Renunciation

Lord Buddha also known as Shakyamuni Buddha , or Siddhartha Gautama (Image: Source unknown) According to the Chinese Bu.

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Képtalálat a következőre: „kanthaka buddha”


Buddhist Sculptures Discovered in Ruins of Ancient Shrine. This sculpture, uncovered in the ancient city of Bazira, tells a Buddhist story involving Siddhartha, who later became the Gautama Buddha.

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Prince Siddhartha - The Prince Who Became the Buddha: This painting from a monastery in Laos depicts Prince Siddhartha cutting his hair and preparing to become a mendicant.

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Life of Shakyamuni Buddha with pictures - Cutting off his hair, shaving off his beard, the Prince instructs Dunpa to return to the palace with his garments, ornaments and precious sword.