Ladder as means of adding layers of height-  ANOTHER perfect idea for our back yard garden oasis that I would like to do this Summer...

An old wooden ladder stacked with plants is a great way to add layers of height on a patio or courtyard. The trailing wisteria above draws your eye upward too. Praying my wisteria will bloom this year

Read directions and learn how to make easy DIY projects for beautiful garden…

Easy DIY projects for beautiful garden accents

Garden Shed

Top Backyard Country Gardens

Recycled Treasure - Top Backyard Country Gardens by bhg. Adorable garden shed.

Beautiful curved raised bed garden with bricks

Beautiful curved raised bed garden using Landscape Stones. You can buy these cut to allow you to make curves at both Home Depot Lowes. by - Flower Beds and Gardens

Garden path

Path to rustic garden bench.would love to have resting places along the woodland trails lines with flowers in my back yard.

Permaculture Garden: sustainability advocating use of land without damage and exploitation that can lead to  negative effects like pollution, disease and soil erosion. helps support people care, helping each other live in safe, healthy and sustainable societies.

A permaculture guild is the intentional grouping of plants to create a community or ecosystem. This creates relationships between the plants and helps boost the resiliency of the system.

Beautiful Autumn Colors ...

Garden Tour: Autumn Alfresco

~~~ I bet you would have loved sitting out there and sipping coffee, we used to sit outside and have our cocktails when we were in Massachuses. We made good memories there. I love you Mom and miss you so much, xox Garden Tour Autumn Alfresco