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Blessed are the weird people the poets & misfits the artists the writers & music makers the dreamers and the outsiders for they force us to see the world differently - inspiration

— Anne Abgott | Award-Winning Watercolor Artist

Blue Shutter: Watercolor by Anne Abgott

aquarelle - watercolor - Vicolo 2 | Igor Sava

Vicolo 2 by Igor Sava nicely done watercolor AGA Design 2015 resolution : DRAW

daily inspiration art: 21h :: Art :: Watercolor :: Anders Andersson

Anders Andersson - Watercolor sailboats (the artist found a fun balance between impressionism and realism, which is gorgeous)

~Anthony Forster Art Classes: watercolour tuition - Red Poppies Application-3~

Red poppies by Anthony Forster

Ann Blockley   WATERCOLOR

Bridge of Willows by Anne Blockley

Watercolor techniques

Susie Short& Watercolor Christmas Card Ideas- for painting cards

Watercolor, Santa Maria della Salute, 38x56 cm - Dusan Djukaric

Watercolor, Santa Maria della Salute, cm - Dusan Djukaric w

Watercolour flowers

Strip of flowers, watercolor wildflowers painting ideas.

Lars Eje Larsson

Lars Eje Larsson/"Red Lilys" 56 x 35 cm, watercolor