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side lace up skirt with wide leather waist band, voile bottom with chiffon ruffles and accent hip chain. great look!

BOHEMIAN POETRY HANDMADE FRILL SKIRT - These are hand made with heaps of love and attention to detail. Decorated with chain and feathers these are one of the most amazing skirts Made from a combination of Lycra , Lace , Leather and Suede.

Leather holster, handy - Probably not that hard to imitate with pleather and brads! #Leather #Cargopants #Holster

I kinda dig this "steampunk" leg holster thing :P I wonder if I could make something like this in faux leather. No idea what I would realistically use it for, however.

steampunkopath: Steampunk Girls Lis Aralin - Marco Fiorilli

steamcrunked: “ steampunktendencies: “ Romics aprile 2015 - Photo by Marco Fiorilli & Matteo Rossi Model: Lis Aralin ” Get Steamcrunked Here ”