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Shark by alexson1 on DeviantArt

This is a fan art thing I did from the upcoming comic "Skull and Shark" by the awesome artist Dave Rapoza.


Dan Luvisi’s Last Man Standing “Jawesome” creature fan artwork by Blizzard Entertainment artist Dominic Qwek of Irvine, California

(Artist Unknown) ~Megacaetasaur~ The Megacaetasaur is an immense relative of the Caeton and the Urt shark. They were the descendants of the megalodon who were eventually classified as oddkinde for their immense size. They have ravenous appetites and roam the surface of the deep ocean, eating anything they encounter. They rarely go too deep, as they fear their natural predator, the Asheans.

I always feared that a worm hole would open up in the bottom of my pool and connect to a prehistoric body of water filled with Megalodon's and other creatures of the deep.

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