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a chess board with black and white pieces on it's sides, including the numbers 1 to 11
Inspiration for Designers and Creatives
the lego chess board is made out of legos and star wars figurines
10 Unusual Chess Sets
lego chess board, great idea
some wooden toys are sitting on a board game table with other toy figurines
Anyone for toddler chess? Yes, I know, my 2 year-old is way too young for the real thing but she definitely enjoys playing with the tiny pieces of Papa’s travel-chess, and being magnetic adds…
six chess pieces on a checkered board with black and white symbols painted on them
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Fridge Magnet Chess: chess game whiteboard game by ParchmentMoon
a wooden chess board with various pieces on it
Interesting chess board
Skeleton Key Chess Board! If you can't tell I'm obsessed with all things skeleton keys!
a wooden chess board with blue and yellow pieces
Natural Ajedrez & Damas Xadrez e damas de madeira
four different views of the same type of object
The iconic masonic chess set! - Yanko Design
The Fortify chess set celebrates concrete and its contribution to civilization by using it in the most apt game possible. Chess, a battle between warring kingdoms/factions gets its much needed update, with the movement from wood and ivory, materials of the pre-industrial revolution era, to concrete and iron, the very symbol of masonry and the civilizations it has built.
four pieces of cardboard cut out to look like animals
Alice In Wonderland Party Ideas - Sweet Magazine
two pieces of red plastic sitting next to each other
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Ponoko chess set - I love this idea. Could personalise the pieces.
a close up of a board game with wooden letters and numbers on the board,
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Leather Chess board & pieces
a group of white chess pieces on a red and white checkerboard board with one standing in the middle
Chess Pieces - Mount
a lego chess set sitting in the grass
Ajedrez de piezas de Lego
¡Con este tablero de Lego seguro que las piezas no se pierden durante la partida!
a wooden board game with carrots and other items on the board, all made out of cardboard
Juegos de mesa con material reciclado - Saudeter
Los juegos de mesa son una excelente opción, donde puede jugar toda la familia desde los mas pequeños hasta los mas ancianos; entreteniéndose todos a la vez. Beneficios de los juegos de mesa: – desarrollan la inteligencia. – desarrollan la capacidad de observación. – estimulan la concentración a la hora [...]