Nikolett Bagyinszki

Nikolett Bagyinszki

Nikolett Bagyinszki
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cartoon barbie with lashes - Yahoo Search Results Yahoo Image Search Results

simple drawing for fun pretty lame drawing lol but I havent submitted in so long. Wanted you all to know I& still arting I& also posted some sketches and studys and stuff from the past couple mo.


"This is soooo good! She titled it "Sketch." How is it just a sketch? :o Ahhhh sooo jealous of her drawing abilities! Her name on deviantart is if you'd like to check out more of her work. It's PHENOMENAL. :o" I'll check it out

Sketch of a quizzical girl, a realistic cartoon drawing.

I LOVE this artist.her DeviantART accoutn is this piece is simply "sketchbook drawing" lol.all she needed was a mechanical pencil. I love all her random female characters in this style!