Resources and information for autistic people, their families, and loved ones.
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New Study Agrees Harmful Autism 'Functioning' Labels Are Harmful

Functioning labels and its problematics

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Autistic at the intersections

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6 Must Watch TED Talks on Autism ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning #autism #TED
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Supportive resources on autism

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ABA is harmful

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For allistic parents of autistic children

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Lu Everman on the roadblocks of raising an autistic child as an autistic parent: the ableist world surrounding them.

For autistic parents

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I know it’s for autistic people but this could help people with so many other disorders too
I should be allowed to do this in public. My bouncing shouldn't affect anyone and make them think I'm having a seizure when I'm not. It's called being autistic.


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The Autistic Employee Part 1: 28 tips for hiring people on the spectrum

Autistic in the Workplace

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#ASD, #Aspergers Alis Rowe


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Adhd Facts
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