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Cuisines of the Jewish diaspora (Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Mizrahim)

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A Magia da Culinária Cigana: PRATOS TÍPICOS CIGANOS( COM RECEITAS) - YouTube
Introducing Roma Cuisine, The Little-Known 'Soul Food' Of Europe : The Salt : NPR

Cuisines of the Romani diaspora

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Armenian Recipes

cuisines of the Middle East - Armenian

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Se virando sem grana: Tahine de cordeiro com romã

Cuisines of the Middle East - Iranian / Persian

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Date or walnut-filled Iraqi cookie (kleicha)
Traditional Iraqi 'casserole'- Tepsi Baytinijan Recipe -

Cuisines of the Middle East - Iraqi

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Rize, broth,chicken and salad
Breakfast curda por Nesîho Asîrakî em 500px

Cuisines of the Middle East - Kurdish

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Cuisines of the Middle East - Lebanese

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Swiss Chard and Red Lentil Soup

Cuisines of the Middle East - Palestinian

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Chicken meatballs with spinach, garlic and coriander from Yotam Ottolenghi’s recipes to mark the #CookForSyria campaign
Savoring the stories not often heard in the media.
Syrian Pumpkin Patties (Kibbet Yatkeen) | Recipes |

Cuisines of the Middle East - Syrian

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How to Prepare a Turkish Breakfast Spread
How to Make and Serve Turkish Coffee
Hold the Mayo, Bring the Heat | TASTE

Cuisines of the Middle East - Turkish

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Yemenite Beef Soup 2
This is the way my late mom, Steffi, used to cook her chicken soup: overnight for at least 12 hours, ...

Cuisines of the Middle East - Yemeni

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Mezze consists of many delicious small plates to make a whole meal. It is a popular way of eating in the Mediterranean and Middle East.
Moroccan Chicken and Rice with Dates, Harissa & Pistachios - Alexandra's Kitchen

Cuisines of the Middle East - Other/In General

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kafana hrana
Prebranac (Serbian Baked Beans) recipe on Food52

Cuisines of Europe - Balkan / Southeastern European

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Visiting Vilnius? Curious about the cuisine? Read about which dishes you have to try when you travel to Lithuania on The Flyaway Girl.
Flavorful beet soup is a very popular Baltic food. Discovering the food of the Baltics -- Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia -- is a culinary adventure.

Cuisines of Europe - Baltic

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Make Way for these Multi-Flavored Baby Basque Burnt Cheesecakes! | Discover MNL
All-butter Basque tea biscuits

Cuisines of Europe - Basque

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In Belgium, the Fries Are Never Wimpy (Sorry, America) | TASTE

Cuisines of Europe - Belgian

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I want to recreate my trip to Romania so this is PERFECT.  I can finally use my bottle of Transylvanian wine!
Olga Hercules Ukrainian Soups

Cuisines of Europe - Eastern European

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Homey and délicieux.
Jacques Pépin's classic buttery, citrusy crepes suzette recipe is ideal for entertaining a group, allowing you to make the dish in advance and flambé tableside.

Cuisines of Europe - French

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English breakfast, Irish breakfast, Scottish breakfast … why are they served at breakfast, and is there really any difference between them? According to Frank Sanchez of Upton Tea Imports, each breakfast tea blend has it owns flavor profile and different caffeine levels. Breakfast teas are black tea blends intended to accompany a hearty, rich morning meal (think of the full English breakfast or fry-up) and are therefore more robust than afternoon tea blends.
The onion gravy is essential.
This lemony dessert only requires five ingredients (and no eggs!)

Cuisines of Europe - Great Britain

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Learn how to make galatopita — a Greek pie made with a milk and semolina custard. It's creamy, dreamy and just plain delightful.
Melbourne Greek pop-up Kafeneion shares its syrupy fillo orange cake recipe (portokalopita) that uses fillo instead of flour for an interesting texture.
On Chios, quinces are paired with free-range chicken; on Crete, with lamb; and on Lesbos, with veal. With quince from our trees on Kea I make a stew with the  delicious local veal shank, but I also cook pork with quince. I give any meat extra flavor by tying the cores of the fruit in […]

Cuisines of Europe - Greek

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Irish things | only in Ireland | the press | Irish wake | travel | visit Ireland | what to know about Ireland before you go | Northern Ireland | Dublin | visiting Ireland
Born of necessity, Irish stew remains true to its peasant roots but adapts for modern palates and more prosperous times.

Cuisines of Europe - Irish

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18 Italian Desserts We Love
Classic Italian Peperonata (Braised Sweet Peppers)
Leggero e saporito, il coniglio al limone è un secondo piatto da portare in tavola a pranzo, ma anche a cena, per tutta la famiglia: ecco la ricetta in padella

Cuisines of Europe - Italian

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Gyümölcsleves (Hungarian Fruit Soup)

Cuisines of Europe - Germanic / Central European

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Sardinian Herb Soup with Fregola and White Beans (S’erbuzzu) from Christopher Kimball's Milk Street

Cuisines of Europe - Mediterranean isles

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Cuisines of Europe - Portuguese / Lusitanian

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