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Ableism 101

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Things Not To Say To A Blind Person
Tips for people with visual impairments in using public transportation

Blindness, low vision, sight-related disabilities

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Some Of Y’all Need To Go Back To School 🤨😂📚 (TikTok): Lizzytharris
Washington Post. ASL & Black American Sign Language. BASL is more like original French Sign Language! Fascinating article!

Deafness, hard of hearing, hearing disabilities

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Wheelchairs and mobility aiding devices

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The Beautiful Thing That Happened When This Amputee Posed In A Bathing Suit For The First Time
3 Exercises That Can Improve Gait and Balance | Amputee Store

Amputation, prosthetics, phantom limbs

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Though there is no cure for #cerebralpalsy, many children with #CP benefit from different types of #therapies and #treatments. Read about the treatments for #symptoms of #SpasticCP here.

Cerebral Palsy

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ADHD, Attention deficit

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Dyscalculia.  This is going to be a short one today, because dyscalculia shows so many similarities to the dyslexia we covered last week. This one I know about on a very personal level.  I’ve…
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Dyslexia, dyscalculia, learning-related disabilities

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Multiple Sclerosis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Chronic illness and the loss of self
I can't believe I didn't know these kitchen hacks for living with chronic pain and fatigue! Every mom should teach their daughters these cooking tips and tricks before they grow up! #chronicillnesswarriorlife #cookinghacks #kitchentools #kitchengadgets #chronicillnesshacks #chronicillnesscooking #kitchenhacks

Chronic illness, autoimmune conditions

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Businesses Owned by People With Down Syndrome | The Mighty
Things People With Down's Syndrome Are Tired of Hearing

Down Syndrome

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Cognitive Dysfunction and “Brain Fog” in POTS | The Dysautonomia Dispatch
12 'Embarrassing' Symptoms of Dysautonomia We Don't Talk About
Dysautonomia is Systemic

Dysautonomia // POTS

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PTSD, C-PTSD, trauma- related conditions

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"I feel like I'm alone every day — even when I'm surrounded by people."

Depression, Anxiety, and related conditions

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Obsession, compulsion, OCD

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Aphantasia is the inability to visualize mental imagery. Otherwise known as, blind imagination. Confused? Let's break it down.


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Be the Change: Six Disabled Activists On Why the Resistance Must Be Accessible
How Cooking Websites Are Failing People With Disabilities

Accesibility, Inclusion, Universal Design

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How to Talk to Your Boss About Your Mental Illness | Femestella

Disabled in the workplace

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Adaptative clothing, dressing while disabled

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Writing ADHD Characters- this will help so much for Theodore !!

Disability and Illness in media

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New evidence ties Hans Asperger to Nazi eugenics program | Spectrum | Autism Research News

Medical violence and neglect, ableist research, eugenics

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For the most part, I'm way too exhausted to actually bother to come up with explanations for every emotion, so I usually just go with, "I dunno ¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯"

Personality disorders (clusters A, B, C)

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You Need Help: Your Therapist Is Clueless About Disability


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Capítulo 11 - Depressão e Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus (1 and 2)

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