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Ethmoid bone (a very good reason for a shoulder belt in the car), approximately as fragile as popcorn.

Looking for online definition of ethmoid bone in the Medical Dictionary? What is ethmoid bone? Meaning of ethmoid bone medical term. What does ethmoid bone mean?

scapula | Pectoral Girdle (4): CLAVICLE -- SCAPULA the shoulder bone

Scapular stabilization exercises can prove to be extremely beneficial for pain in their shoulder muscles. Read to learn the step by step guides for 11 exercises.


In New Zealand, the unfurling fern frond is a symbol for spiritual growth. Such a life changing experience for me - traveling to New Zealand on my own. I want this symbol as a tattoo.

Ethmoid bone major marking : cribriform plate , crista galli , prependicular plate , nasal conchae , ethmoid sinuses (air cavity)

This image shows the location and structure of the ethmoid bone. A small image of the skull on the top left shows the ethmoid bone colored in pink. A magnified image shows the inferior view of the ethmoid bone.