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Corporate design letter head envelop business card cardboard eco logo branding.

one of our favorites and one that seems close to what we might like Vivicare to look like - simple, slightly feminine but not overly so

Les Olympiades Wayfinding System on Behance

Wayfinding system developed for the Les Olympiades district in the arrondissement in Paris, France. IntroductionLes Olympiades, located in the arrondissement of Paris, is an above street level plaza that contains a mixture of residential bui…

Miko No Yu hot spring powder packaging design concept by Chiun Hau You -

Miko No Yu Designer: Chiun Hau You Project Type: Student Project Class: Package Design I @ Taiwan Tech Professor: Ting Chien Lin Technical supports: Jack Liu, Sheu Yong Packaging Content: Hot spring bath powder Location: Taipei, Taiwan