Discover the history of Jewish Budapest with a tour around the city's…

Jewish Budapest: History and Flavours

Vintage Hungarian children's book <3

"Tucsok Toni" (Tony Cricket), written by Hungarian author Maroti Lajos, illustrations by Gozon Lajos.

Ady Endre szülőháza Érmindszenten Fotó: Székely Aladár (1870-1940)

Family House of poet Endre Ady , Érmidszent, , Hungary

Roman City of Aquincum - Budapest history

When Hungary was part of the Roman Empire it was called Pannonia and its largest town was Aquincum, the ancestor of Budapest.

...Helen Mirren   Hungarian movie

Az ajtó magyar poszter [[Martina Gedeck, Helen Mirren (Magda Szabo - The…

Tough, but riveting, account of 1956 Hungarian Revolution

The Bridge at Andau: The Compelling True Story of a Brave, Embattled People by James A.

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