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Galaxy Art Pumpkin DIY #pumpkin #craft

Galaxy Pumpkin - Start thinking of pumpkins as celestial things, because this galaxy-inspired gourd is something to shoot for.

Pumpkin decorating is such a big part of Halloween, but if you want your pumpkin décor to stay relevant for the rest of fall, your best bet is to avoid the classic Jack and instead go for one of these no-carve ideas. Not only are the designs timeless, but not cutting up the pumpkin will also mean more time to enjoy it! Pick a theme that the kids will love, like Mickey Mouse, or Frozen, get out your paint and crafting supplies, and then go over to eBay for more no-carve pumpkin ideas.

I love decorating with pumpkins for Fall because they can last through the entire season. One of the best ways to transition your pumpkin decor from Halloween to Fall is to choose a universal theme that.