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Cucumber/Hummus roll ups. This super healthy appetizer is sure to please everyone! Great for any special occasion.

Cucumber Roll-Ups with Sun Dried Tomato Sauce. These cucumber roll-ups are a fun twist on traditional veggies with dip. You can use any of your favorite dressings or sauces to create a platter of delicious finger food. Perfect for a light meal or snack.

Dragon Egg Candles // #GOT #dragons #candle #DIY #gameofthrones

Dragon Egg Candles // #GOT #dragons #candle #DIY #gameofthrones

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How to Make Winter Wonderland Bath Bombs

Winter Wonderland Bath Bombs 1 cup baking soda cup citric acid cup Epsom salts 2 tsp olivem 300 or Polysorbate 20 or Turkey Red Oil 1 tsp safflower oil (You can substitute another lightweight oil like sweet almond, grapeseed, or sunflower seed)

Pink Himalayan Salt is a wonderful source of nutrients - combine with a few other ingredients to make these easy bath bombs!

- Pink Himalayan Salt Bath Bombs - Himalayan Pink Salt – it’s pretty incredible stuff that’s high in minerals and nutrients. It works super to make bath bombs and can be substituted for Epsom Salt in the basic bath bombs recipe.