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a bee crossing sign with bees on it and the words gf - 106 below
bee relatived items
Gotta get one of these for my garden!
the shelves are made out of plywood boards
a bee crossing sign with bees on it and the words gf - 106 below
bee relatived items
Gotta get one of these for my garden!
honeybees on the side of a beehive with their hives covered in pollen
Preventing bees drowning in their drinking water
the diagram shows an insect house and its surroundings, vintage line drawing or engraving illustration
The Swarm Signal
beehive with swarm activity - if you see bees making this horseshoe pattern in front of the hive, 3 days later they will start to build queen cells. They will continue this pattern so long as there is sunlight. If you don't want the hive to swarm, you have 3 days to add supers to relieve congestion, otherwise, a swarm will emerge in approx. 3 weeks....
many bees are flying around in the air
bees at work by Franca Frenademetz / 500px
The bee on the right foreground with her rear end up in the air is releasing homing scent from a gland on her rear called Nasonov gland. She fans the homing scent which helps guide bees home to the right hive.
several bees on a piece of yellow cake
Use sponges to prevent bees from drowning in their drinking water- smart!!
a wooden box sitting on top of a black surface with the words making nuc for raising queens
Raising Queen Bees
Mini Mating Nuc
a row of colorful beehives in the snow
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hives...like the colors
the instructions for how to build a wooden beehive with pictures and text on it
Polish beehive
Polish beehive
several bees are gathered around wine corks on a green surface with grass and dirt
The Importance of Water for Bees - Growing A Greener World®
The importance of water baths for bees and how to keep mosquitos out.
a bowl filled with rocks sitting on top of a table
Earth Day DIY: Water Garden To Save The Bees
#DidYouKnow that bees need water? Whether its for the cooling the hive, decrystallizing honey, or hydrating baby bees, bees can use up to one liter of water a day! Learn how to make this water garden to #SavetheBees! #WWWeek
a bee sitting on top of a metal bowl next to a cement wall with the words, when you see a bee on the ground that isn't moving, it's not necessary
A estas horas ... - byron130: 18.05.2014 I learned yesterday that...
byron130: 18.05.2014I learned yesterday that when you see a bee on the ground that isn’t moving, it’s not necessarily dead, it’s probably just dead tired from carrying lots of pollen and needs re-energising. So if you mix a tiny bit of water with some sugar and let it drink it will give it the boost it needs to continue on its way. Bizarrely, this exact thing happened today! I found a knackered bee, mixed up some sugar water, gave it a drink and watched it guzzle and guzzle then suddenly co...
several bees are lined up on the edge of a piece of blue material with water in front of them
Bees drinking water from a bird bath This photo was uploaded by leoinvegas