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Boglárka Cser

Boglárka Cser
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Victorian Inspired Braided Hair Jewellery By Grau Wal

Hair can be your greatest fashion accessory when you have a great cut or color; But what about hair that accessorizes when it doesn't really belong to you, at least not genetically.

horse hair and amathist pendant - Lauren Passenti Jewelry

horse hair and amethyst pendant - Lauren Passenti Jewelry

The 33 Popular Horse Hair Jewelry Designs

The 33 Popular Horse Hair Jewelry Designs - Top Jewelry Brands, Designs & Online Jewellery Stores

Xylophone bangles (one size only)  Colors: Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red  Material: Pigmented Porcelain  Dimensions: 5” H, 2.5” Diameter opening

Audiowear consists of a series of musical jewellery made of ceramics, inspired by musical instruments like flutes and xylophones. It is a unique project of ELASTICBRAND-USA, a design studio in Brooklyn, NY run by Arjen Noordeman and Christie Wright

Guiro Cuff (Audiowear Porcelain Musical Jewely Collection) $200

Guiro Cuff (one size only) Color: Black Material: Porcelain Dimensions: H, Diameter opening. Audiowear is a series of musical jewelry inspired by idiophone and aerophone instruments and the acoustic quality of clay.