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HairBesties, in natural morning sunlight using Demi Rose Gold in and with and of course prelifted with crème lightener and

• New Hair Alert • ⚠️ @hairbysash does it again! Changing my blonde to an icy…

This is the next style and color I shall do at our next session. Love the dark roots that are incorporated. Much needed because my hair grows pretty fast and I have dark roots.

Bob hairstyle was the most popular haircut at the old times, as it is one of the classic hairstyles that never seem to go out of fashion. Nowadays this hairstyle model is again back. This haircut looks good at any time and gives a typical statement to face. You can be sure that this model suits very...

but one thing you may noticed is that most of the girls show off ombre hair are wearing long bob hair! Will the ombre look good on long bob hairstyle?

Ash blonde hombre

“Another from yesterday - I'm just (not so) gently dying over here 😭 any of you have any secret at home remedies for curing bad coughs? EDIT: you guys are…”