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Illustration of couple walking along the beach

Beach Art Ocean Art Couples Art Wall Decor We lived by by nidhi

Illustration of couple cuddling on couch

Simple Illustrations Reveal Endearing Moments of Love in Life’s Everyday Moments

Illustration of couple listening to music together

Nidhi Chanani created these amazing illustrations to show you what words could never describe. These pictures show us what it is to be madly in love.

Illustration of couple sharing a dumpling

Romantic Couple, Couples Gift, Gift for Couple, Noodle Bowl, Love Wall Art - "The Last Dumpling"

Illustration of couple cooking together

Simple Illustrations Reveal Endearing Moments of Love in Life's Everyday Moments - My Modern Met

Illustration of couple in the rain in Seattle

Real love in daily life isn't like what's usually portrayed in romantic movies.see what the Indian artist Nidhi Chanani illustrates.

Illustration of couple cuddling in bed in summer heat

Nidhi Chanani is a Calcutta-born freelance illustrator living in California. Her beautifully drawn illustrations capture the everyday love that we so often tak


My name is Nidhi Chanani and I'm a freelance illustrator. When I decided to pursue art as a career I said repeatedly “I want to make people happy.


Sometimes, true love revolves around the simplest of pleasures. Here is what true love really looks like, according to illustrator Nidhi Chanani.


Wonderful Illustrations Capture The Sweet Moments Spent With The One You Love 1


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Simple Illustrations Reveal Endearing Moments of Love in Life's Everyday Moments - My Modern Met