Fruzsina Anna Borbély

Fruzsina Anna Borbély

Fruzsina Anna Borbély
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Facebook, a nice relief from the usual crisp infographic visual style...

The average user has 229 friends, of which are from high school, are co-workers, are from college and they only met once. In the average user was Two years later, the average user was five years older.

Darwin for you (Y7) | Please find more details about Charles Darwin, the Scientist behind the Theory of Evolution, here. ...

Phylogenetic Tree of Life -The OpenLearn site used to offer this phylogenetic chart in the shape of a tree as a free poster, but no more. They do have an online version of this same illustration, expandable and with links and an explanatory guide.

The Evolution of 13 Famous Company #Logos [#Infographic]

Here is an infographic by the amazing Liverpool web design agency Glow New Media called Evolution of Logo Design: How Famous Brand Identities Have De