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an elephant standing in the middle of a dry grass field with its trunk up and it's head turned to the side
I am already very strong by Alf Drosdziok / 500px
every human being feels, at one time in their life or another, an estrangement from nature, until they connect with it again, and animals connect us with our primal selves.
an elephant holding a pink ball in its trunk
Bubble Gum Elephant In Pink Canvas Print by Big Nose Work | iCanvas
an elephant is standing in the water with its head above the water's surface
Elephant perspective!
put a smile on my morning face. Elephants can have fun too.
two elephants walking down a dirt road with the words happy dance on it's side
Elephants of South Africa - heather liebler PHOTOGRAPHY
Africa | "Will this pose do?" Young elephant. Kruger National Park, South Africa / Heather Liebler
various types of elephants and coffees on a white background with the caption's name
Coffee and elephants! Two of my favorite things!!
an elephant is in the middle of a large group of elephants, with a pink pig on its back
Word to the Herd
Pink Elephant
an elephant pattern is drawn on a chalkboard
Elephant by Cheriemr
If you want to see more beautiful backgrounds, click on the link - OGQ Backgrounds HD
an elephant is surrounded by green leaves and the word tic spelled in white on a black background
Laughing Baby Elephants with Emerald and Wallpaper | Spoonflower
an elephant pattern is shown in white on black background, it's all over the place
freebies galore!
Cute elephant wallpaper:
two elephants walking down a dirt road with trees in the background
an elephant sitting in the water with its trunk out and it's mouth open
Natural Science
(7) Carmen Elena Ibarra-Mejía / Pinterest