Hungarian Revolution 1956

The "Kossuth arms",the Hungarian national emblem of the republic of has been painted on a APC armoured car captured by the insurgents.

Forgalomirányítás Budapesten, 1956 Fotó: Erich Lessing

Aftermath of the Hungarian Revolution:a policewoman directs non-existing traffic at a Budapest crossing.

József körút a Corvin (Kisfaludy) köznél. Harcképtelenné tett ISU-152-es szovjet rohamlövegek, a háttérben egy T-34/85 harckocsi.

Budapest: 60 Years After The Uprising - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

Erika, une jeune femme hongroise de 15 ans qui a combattu contre l’URSS. (1956)

Erika, a Hungarian fighter who fought for freedom against the Soviet Union. [October 52 Powerful Photos Of Women Who Changed History Forever

4 novembre 1956 Les chars soviétiques entrent dans Budapest. Ceux-ci sont des T-34 avec canons de 85 mm

Soviet army tanks take position in Budapest 12 November The Red Army, stationed in Hungary under the 1947 peace treaty, attacked and seized 12 November 1956 the Hungarian capital and crushed.

The Hungarian Revolution lasted less than three weeks, from Oct. 23 until Nov. 10, 1956 sent shock waves through eastern and central Europe that reverberated for decades. Some considered it as the first rip in the Cols War's Iron Curtain.Roughly 3000 Hungarian civilians were killed during those three weeks. The Hungarian People's Republic was replaced in 1989 by the Hungarian Republic.

On of October Hungarian students and young workers staged a peaceful demonstration in Budapest, protesting against the ruthless Communist dictatorship forced onto the country by the Soviet Union since the end of the Second World War.

Budapest Hungarian Uprising 1956 by Micheal Rougier Freedom fighters fought against the Russians

A disabled tank near coffins being used for the bodies of Russian soldiers killed during the popular uprising against the Communist-backed Hungarian government, Budapest,

Astoria kereszteződés, szemben a Kossuth Lajos utca a Múzeum körút felől nézve.

Astoria kereszteződés, szemben a Kossuth Lajos utca a Múzeum körút felől nézve.

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