Angels are with us

We are Never So Lost

We are Never so Lost that Angels Can't Find us - what a lovely thought ! just visiting dad in the Mater this afternoon and poor man beside him not expected to regain consciousness after a heart attack. I sent him angel blessings.

Chris Gallatin vallomása.

Chris Gallatin vallomása.

Az èlet ajàndèka

„Az élet ajándéka a kisgyermek”

gyerekek szeretete idézet - Google keresés

gyerekek szeretete idézet - Google keresés

Mon Moments - by Piro-G: Baba várás....

a fleshed out view of the a foot to show the contrast between the two. this image being the total opposite of the mummy's foot

you promise me by Halasz Szabo Haynal

Spiritual growth needs your awareness to be creative, expansive, and receptive to all possibilities, just like creation itself.

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