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a paper cut out of a teddy bear with the outline on it's back
Teddy bear pattern
Cinnabear pattern to be used for personal use or for church activities. Copyright 1999, 2010 All Rights Reserved Beverly A. Qualheim (
a stuffed animal is laying down on the floor
Sample Sale - Blue Linen Bailey Bear (Sold)
Today this stuffed bear is available to a good home. Re-homed! His body is made from a lovely blue linen fabric, and his ears and belly are a yarn dyed cotton from Lecien. If you'd like to make your own...
two teddy bears sitting next to each other in front of a blue pillow on a bed
Tilda - Bears - by Pia Williams
a teddy bear with a bow tie on it's head is posed against a white wall
Wildwood Bear by Bethan !