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I removed and edited several traits So if anyone has changes that need to be made feel free to note me!! doggoons • They are scattered towards the globe and often resemble the terrain the liv...

Huge difference from the past version of my Avridon Species. It started off as just sketching and planning and then I ran with it. I was watched by KokiSegami The whole time one these, in which she.


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Horns, text; How to Draw Manga/Anime

fefbutts: “artist-refs: “Fantasy horn ref by Law-of-Murph ” *homestucks furiously reppining this for reference * ”

Rhiards Donskis aka Apofiss  19780429ac22062ce8fdbb2fb3911e7f-d3hrmxy

In his post we gathered some funny or humorous as well as cute digital art concepts of animals(creatures) created by the talented Rihards Donskis a. Apofis, a digital painter from Latvia. Hes work fill your heart with joy.

This is Celestia, she is 13 weeks old, she was found on the side of the road about to be git by a car when a woman jumped in front of the car to save her. She is now living with the woman's sister.

Apofiss Richard Donskis Richards Donskis/ Aka: Apofiss Career: Digital Artist Best Known 4 : Digital Cat Illustrati.