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Beach wrap cover up

Stuffed Pizza Rolls. Kim- I made these for a dinner party, they were a hit. I would use less garlic than it says and I used one Pillsbury pizza dough. Baking time was off, it took about 25 mins or so (I can't really remember) but way longer that the 10 mins it says. by AislingH

Stuffed Pizza Rolls, this would be a quick easy app for a potluck (Now that's a surprise inside) I must try.once I can eat bread again.

Avon Far Away Infinity

Escape to a world of infinite possibilities with this long-lasting floral infusion of luminous marigold and Indian jasmine sambac veiled in sensual vanilla.

Avon Far Away Gold

Resenha: Avon Far Away Gold

Far Away parfümök készleten!

Far Away parfümök készleten!

Avon, Lipsticks, Lipstick

Little Black Dress Eau Fraiche parfüm

Little Black Dress Eau Fraiche parfüm (csak ajánlatban érhető el)

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