Böszörményi Gabi

Böszörményi Gabi

Böszörményi Gabi
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Pursuit of happiness, Bild über We Heart It #alone #black #book ...

This basic idea would be great to develop towards an AP concentration for AP Portfolio! Incorporate the word & emotion within the visual design!

Let the eagle fly -- Andy Biersack

How is one man so deliciously hot? How is it that the same man strives to be a good person? Help me, I'm melting!

Andy Biersack

this is the original message: {Andy Biersack} Andy is 21 and in a band called Black Veil Brides. (WIP) My Comment: HES 26 And Black Veil Brides Is My SAVIOUR! check your comments to say if theyre relevant.

BVB army unite

Not all BVB fans are emo.Liking a certain band or doing something doesn't always make you emo