Like this except... Would make the sleeves 3/4; shorten the front and back Vs; close up the sides somewhat.

Inspiration for jumper or cardigan if cut down the middle? And I might cut up and lengthen the inner sleeve seam, this creating more of a side seam at the same time so it's not quite so revealing on the sides.

Show Me the Honey Dress, #ModCloth Yellow, Peter Pan collar, buttons AND it's yellow

Geeky Greetings Knee Socks

Show Me the Honey Dress. Zipped into this honey-hued dress, your outlook becomes instantly sweeter!

Embrace Sixties chic with a Peter Pan–collar shift and pointy-toe loafers | Tory Burch Summer 2014

This dress shape is similar to the narrow, boxy shapes of the This dress also has influences from the preppy styles of those times with the collar peeking out.

Retro! I wore a dress EXACTLY like this in 1972!!! What a hoot to see that "everything old is new again" is really true! #iwasstylishanddidn'tevenknowit

They Are Wearing: Paris Fashion Week

Classy look with the black and white peter pan collar dress, black quilted purse, black leather gloves, and black pointed shoes